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How not to get lost in business with your market research?

Zoe Wadsworth

If you struggle with marketing/events and do not know how to identify what you need to do in your marketplace to grow and be seen by your ideal customer. Then I have great news; the first is you are not alone and the second is; this seminar is for you.
By providing you with the know-how following a four-step strategy process to ultimately identify your WHY, the GAPS, and Opportunities in your business, align this with your VISION and to demonstrate how you can put them into ACTION to grow.

Zoe Wadsworth provides 16 years of experience across the management sector with a large focus on getting the best return on investment for your business through effective strategy and ideas, when it comes to your marketing and events; to ultimately get your business seen and help your business grow; by providing you with the know-how.
Zoe's business was launched in 2016 and she looks forward to welcoming you on their 6th business birthday to the South Yorkshire expo to learn more,





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80% of Business Owners are wrong – about everything!

Andy Parkin

Here’s the proof. Are you in the 80% or the 20%?

When you started out in business you had a plan. A dream. A goal. There was a reason why you set up on your own.
Maybe it was about the independence, the money, the flexibility, the sense of
purpose or being able to make a difference. But the really sad thing is that, somewhere between their first day in business and today, most business owners have compromised on their goal.

Things haven’t quite turned out how they planned. Typically, they’re working harder and longer than they ever expected. Most are conscientious and do a good job for their customers but they’re not
achieving the fulfilment or success they aspired to.

I am a multi award-winning Managing Director with extensive experience in developing market-leading businesses in both B2B and B2C markets, embedding processes and culture that drive superior service levels and underpin sustainable commercial success. I am comfortable assembling and managing multi-functional teams, including sub-contractors, embedding a culture of accountability and professionalism to nurture market leader status of high growth businesses by overseeing the operational delivery of services. I embed robust quality management processes and a philosophy of continuous improvement to mitigate business risk, improve compliance and consistency of standards and enhance service delivery. I have extensive experience in leading strategic planning and developing advanced marketing capabilities and business development strategies to drive market positioning, customer acquisition and industry-leading retention rates, ensuring robust cost management to drive revenue increase and margin sustainability. I am passionate about delivering superior customer service and I consider myself someone who has the breadth of experience to add value to any business that needs to drive growth and continuous improvement.

How to Grow Your Business in Challenging Market

Hayley Koseoglu

In this seminar Hayley will share some top tips to growth and the things to avoid when building a successful and sustainable business.

Hayley Koseoglu is an Award Winning Entrepreneur, Experienced Business Owner
and Business Consultant. She has been in business for over 15 years,

Hayley's journey began at the age of 18 when she founded a commercial cleaning company (Crystal
Clean Service Ltd). The business grew and became very successful employing over 100 people. She exited
the business in 2016 but still owns it 100%. During her time in business she made lots of
mistakes and now strives to help other business owners to avoid falling into the same
potholes she did.

Her areas of focus are business improvement and growth. She looks at your purpose, and position and then works with you to create a clear plan of action to move your business forward. Hayley's experience and practical approach can really transform the way that you look at your business. She will reignite your passion and get you business operating in a more efficient, effective and profitable manner.

In order to grow your business you must first have solid foundations on which to build.

Help to Grow: Management - Driving growth through


Alexandra Anderson

Are you too busy working in your business rather than on it? Do you have a clear value proposition?

In this seminar Dr Alexandra Anderson will share different practical tools used on the Help to Grow: Management course to support small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in achieving their growth ambitions.

Learn how students can also support you in unlocking innovation potential and help achieve your business growth goals through free projects and short-term placements. Did you know all our students undertake projects for organisations, covering a range of areas from marketing to engineering?

Alex is the Programme Director for the 90% government funded Help to Grow: Management course at Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University supporting SME leaders across South Yorkshire. Over the past three years Alex and the team have worked with over 200 SMEs on business growth activity. She also leads on free student consultancy projects for companies seeking to expand internationally. Previous experience includes creating her own research consultancy and a mobile gaming company.

How to evolve your networking into a viable word-of-mouth plan and a profitable referral strategy.

Mark Jarvis

In this seminar.....


Mark Jarvis is founder of the Academy for Scaling Businesses, business mentor and coach, business owner of 28 years, NED, investor, author and speaker.
He is a proud family man, committed petrolhead and fan of architecture, coffee and cake.

Mark helps businesses and organisations to scale up by co-creating solutions that grow people, enhance processes, develop products and increase profitability.

See how Mark could help you and your business grow and scale up:
Email Mark here:


Recession Proofing Your Business!

Jon Asquith

Whether you like it or not, there's no avoiding a recession. In this powerful workshop, Jon will talk about what the 17% of businesses do to not only beat recession but come out of it stronger and more profitable!

Jon Asquith, Managing Director of ActionCOACH Sheffield is a renowned Business Growth Specialist with over a decade of experience working with companies all around the world.

Jon and ActionCOACH Sheffield have won coaching company of the year 3 years running, They're Winners of Sheffield's best businesses services company (2021) and are now finalists in the National SME awards.

Jon has personally coached more than 150 SME's from around the South Yorkshire region so is perfectly placed to help you grow your business.


Managing your own marketing and the top ten things you

should do

Abby Abrames

Abby started her career in press advertising in1998 for the Doncaster Star and won a number of awards with the Sheffield Newspapers Group. Moving into Account Management in 2003, Abby was lucky enough to develop and implement marketing campaigns for a number of impressive companies, including San Miguel, Johnson Matthey, Scotts and The W Abu Dhabi for the F1 launch. Working on these projects in London, Europe and the Middle East provided Abby with the skills, experience and knowledge that she relies on today. Although Abby has worked on independent projects for the last decade, she launched full time with Valley Marketing in 2017.

Valley Marketing is a collaborative set up, working with SME’s, helping them to understand marketing and how to stay in control. Ensuring that their expectations are met with a real return on investment. As a self-confessed “Google Geek” she understands the importance of digital and the role it can play in the success of any business, but at the same time doesn’t unnecessarily complicate the strategy. Abby’s no-nonsense, jargon free approach means that marketing becomes clear and easy to understand.


The Challenges of EV Charging for Businesses and the Benefits to Overcoming Them

Lee Barnett

Using his 15 years of industry experience in e-mobility, Lee will talk about the challenges that businesses have come up against in the transition to electrified vehicles, highlighting the pivotal role that EV charging has played in this.
With his insights and sector knowledge Lee will share info and tips on how your business can overcome some of these challenges and the benefits it can bring to your organisation having a scalable and reliable charging infrastructure.

Lee has 14 years experience in the electricity industry, 8 years in DNO Planning & Design from 400 to 33,000 volt networks, specialising in Low Carbon Technology projects.
An experienced Electric Vehicle Project Manager for one of the UK’s largest DNO’s, building out one of the UK’s largest private EV charging networks.
Network Director for Park & Recharge, managing operations of EV charging networks for multiple customers, some with fleets up to 5,000 vehicles.


Revenue, Retention, Resilience, and Recession

Graham Keen

In this seminar, you will learn -

  • How to drive revenue growth, build talent retention & attraction, and protect employee resilience in the most challenging mental environment of our lifetimes.
  • After three years of Covid and lockdown stress we are now plunged into recession – even though we all knew it had to come, many of your leaders and employees aren’t prepared
  • Fortunately there are evidence-based psychological and commercial strategies that enable us to maintain our personal and organisational effectiveness in challenging circumstances
  • Those of us that master these strategies fastest and deepest will emerge on top
  • This seminar will outline what they are and how to embed them in your organisation – faster, better solutions.

As a leading expert in business-specific positive psychology and management science, Graham Keen has over twenty years of experience in driving cultural and performance change. Having trained with the great Professor Martin Seligman, Graham is a certified Authentic Happiness Coach and a Chartered Member of the International Positive Psychology Association. This, alongside Graham’s experience as a CFO and corporate finance practitioner, brings a unique combination of skills that offer real insight into business development, workplace wellbeing, and positive profitability.

Graham’s energy, warmth, passion, empathy, and insight mean he has mastered the art of telling surprising and uncomfortable truths in a way that inspires acceptance and ignites action. Many of his insights, techniques, and successes can be found in his best-selling book

21 of the best online Marketing Tips

David Johnson

In this session David will share in 40 minutes easy to follow hints and tips that you can use straight away to improve your online marketing, he will show you -

How to start generating MORE LEADS for your business
How you can put simple measures in place to improve the number of enquiries your business receives and how you can reach out to more of your ideal customers

Since 2011, David has built two businesses, spent time learning, watching the changes in the world, spent time in schools talking to children and kept to speed with changes in SEO and Google.

In 2016, he created Loud Crowd marketing agency, specialising in help companies and business owners capture the power of Google and utilise it to help them grow their organisations.

Based in Doncaster in South Yorkshire, married to Erika and enjoys cycling.