Lampro Solutions

LAMPRO Solutions is our commercial operation to our family business based in Barnsley South Yorkshire supplying radio communications equipment to business organisations and to the HAM Radio Hobby, CB Radio, Short Wave Listening and the scanning enthusiast. We are Premier Dealers for Icom UK and Yaesu UK.

We have been involved within the communications industry since the 1980’s when our founder as a young teenager established himself with a wealth of knowledge in retailing new and used radio equipment to the hobby market.

Icom Japan researched and developed a high successful Long Term Evolution ‘LTE’ technology enabling the use of 3G/4G global communication systems over a secure and encrypted and dedicated servers. Icom UK introduced our company to the technology and we have worked tirelessly rolling out LTE Push To Talk equipment nationwide.
We developed our own ‘LTE’ rental fleet of handsets and mobile 4G radios for use across the UK and Europe either for short or long term rental.

LTE is the future of radio communications world wide with the ever emerging technology of 4G/5G and satellite communications we know that there will never be a cable connecting the Earth to the Moon!
More importantly HAM/Amateur Radio will always be an electronic and scientific hobby forever experimenting on new ways for the commercial giants to take on and develop our communications globally and into space and beyond.

Tax Assist

Accountants Sheffield North, provide a personal and professional accounting service tailored to your needs. With shops based in Sheffield, Barnsley and Huddersfield, the team operate a local, friendly, face to face service. Their expert advisors aim to save you time and money by doing the books for you, allowing you to get on with running your business.

Helping start-ups, sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, property landlords, contractors, freelancers and individual taxpayers, their advisers can help with your accounts, tax, payroll, business advice and much more. Speak to the team to book a free consultation to discuss your needs.

NWR Hygiene

DCS Payroll

Managing your payroll like an in house team
We give SME and micro businesses the benefits of an in-house professional payroll department at a fraction of the cost.

We provide a dedicated Payroll Manager responsible for delivering your payroll service in a friendly, comprehensive and tailored way after consulting you on your needs. We build our payroll service around your requirements. This means that we don’t just process your payroll – we do everything you would expect a payroll department to do.

Once we are engaged, you will not need to worry about your payroll. And we are on hand to answer any enquiries or consult you on any changes within your business. We understand that flexibility is vital in such a service.



Is Chronic Fatigue Affecting YOUR business?

Suzanne Smith

Over the coming year, the chances are high that your business will be affected by a colleague or employee developing a chronic fatigue condition like Fibromyalgia, ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Post Viral Fatigue or the chronic fatigue related form of long Covid. Come along and find out how you can support your business through the challenges ahead.

Suzanne Smith is a Trauma Informed Wellbeing Coach and Health Kinesiologist who supports people with chronic fatigue conditions to recover their energy, rebuild their confidence and get back to living a joyful life.

Suzanne is also a founder of 'Fatigue Free Futures', a not for profit organisation set up to encourage and empower people living with chronic fatigue conditions to the turn all of their health and wellbeing “can’t do’s” into “can do's.

Fatigue Free Futures offers a mixture of business support training for managers and tailored recovery support for employees to minimise the impact of chronic fatigue within your business.



A 4 step strategy for Marketing & Growth Success

Zoe Wadsworth

If you struggle with marketing/events and do not know how to identify what you need to do in your marketplace to grow and be seen by your ideal customer. Then I have great news; the first is you are not alone and the second is; this seminar is for you.
By providing you with the know-how following a four-step strategy process to ultimately identify your WHY, the GAPS, and Opportunities in your business, align this with your VISION and to demonstrate how you can put them into ACTION to grow.

Zoe Wadsworth provides 16 years of experience across the management sector with a large focus on getting the best return on investment for your business through effective strategy and ideas, when it comes to your marketing and events; to ultimately get your business seen and help your business grow; by providing you with the know-how.
Zoe's business was launched in 2016 and she looks forward to welcoming you on their 6th business birthday to the South Yorkshire expo to learn more,



Menopause - How to support women in the workplace

Lucy Atkinson

Although nearly 8 out of 10 menopausal women are in work, 10% of them will leave their jobs due to the menopause.

Women in their 40s, 50s and 60s have so much to offer; still a way to go before retirement but with all that wisdom, knowledge and experience built up over the years. What a font of skill and capability; mentors, leaders, the backbone of a company’s support, and role models for younger team members.

59% of women say it has a negative impact on their work; nearly 80% experience hot flushes and/or sweats. Many women will be struggling with disrupted sleep and the tiredness and associated stress that accompanies that.

What many people don’t realise is that these symptoms start with the perimenopause; the period of time that can last years as a woman’s hormones are changing, and that lead to these symptoms. This usually starts between the ages of 45 and 55 for most women.

In this seminar Lucy will cover

  • Stories about menopause
  • What is it even for?
  • Signs, symptoms and diagnosis
  • Overview of treatment
  • Dealing with anxiety and mood swings
  • Sleep
  • Support in the workplace

Lucy is a hypnotherapist, life coach, speaker and author with a passion for supporting women to be the best they can be, and make the changes that will lead to a more balanced, harmonious life.


Negative Thinking - How to change destructive thinking patters in you and your team

Dave Kneeshaw

We all get stuck in cycles of negative thinking at times. When we are at our most challenged, we can experience critical thinking, overthinking and destructive voices that tell us we will fail. Negative thinking saps our energy, distracts our focus and undermines our actions.

In this seminar Dave explains why it happens to you and your teams and what simple cost-free tools and techniques can deliver clearer heads, better relationships and increase performance.


Dave Kneeshaw is a pioneering business coach, trainer and therapist who uses his skills to support businesses leaders to be the best version of themselves. Over the last 15 years he has become the go-to guy for some of the most complex issues and has mapped those skills into the corporate world to help businesses to develop their leaders, their teams and their cultures to maximise their potential and help business benefit from the true potential of their talent pool.

‘No matter what sector you work in, people are people and our superpowers are also our kryptonite. My role is to help people recognise their true potential and help steer them to where they are made to be.’

Dave has worked with movie stars, rock stars, professional sportsmen (no sportswomen so far!). More commonly it’s footballers, but the bulk of the clients are business owners, Directors of SMEs and burnt-out key staff in corporations.

Alongside all his other projects, Dave is currently developing a pioneering programme to help the NHS to manage staff impacted by covid including the medical and nonmedical teams.

Before founding Betterminds a ten years ago, Dave worked as a practitioner in schools, special schools, psychiatric units and secure units). Then worked with vulnerable children, offender services and rehab services.
‘I set up my practise a decade ago and specialise in helping people to develop into being the best leaders they can be.’

To find out more about his work go to


Business wellbeing and priorities for leadership in 2022

Ros Jones

Does the success of your business come at the cost of everything else including having fun?

Come and find out about the NEW ESSENTIAL, balanced way of doing business.

The importance of personal wellbeing and business viability has never been more prevalent.

The world of work has changed and progressive businesses are taking a kinder, more collaborative approach generating positive results while boosting the overall wellbeing of individuals and the business, including the bottom line.

This interactive seminar will enable delegates to:

• evaluate the current balance in their business and life and where it is out of kilter
• be introduced to the 5 Principles of Business Wellbeing
• Learn practical hints and tips on how to lead and grow their business in a truly balanced way

Ros Jones is a highly experienced leadership and business growth expert. She specialises in helping business owners and their teams achieve business success through a balanced approach using her ‘5 Principles of Business Wellbeing Framework’.

We all know that balance is important in our lives. But somehow, in business, we put off that time when we will lead a balanced life, waiting for the time when we achieve a particular goal. Focusing solely on work, work, work to the detriment of everything else in our lives is unsustainable and leads to stress, burnout and exhaustion.

What if there was a different way? What if you could have more balance in your business AND achieve that goal? This is what Ros will teach you.

Ros helps business owners and SME leaders work on the wellbeing of all the parts of the business enabling goal achievement in a more balanced way. She works one on one with businesses, delivers regular workshops online and in person and is available as a speaker.

If you’re fed up with the rollercoaster ride of your business and wellbeing being out of kilter and interested in learning the new ESSENTIAL way of doing business, contact Ros on 07818 646672 or email

Getting your inbox to Zero - and Keeping it That Way

Andy Hogg

Inbox zero may seem like business utopia, however Andy will demonstrate the techniques he uses to manage the 100+ emails he receives each day inside 45 minutes, allowing him to spend the rest of the day working on his key tasks. In Yorkshire speak, he does not spend the day “chuffing around is his Inbox”. If this resonates with you, why not come along ……..


Andy Hogg, joint Owner/Director of The IT Trainer, is an IT Specialist with proven teaching and technical skills gained during the 36 years he has worked within the IT Industry. Andy brings a wealth of knowledge to The IT Trainer, combining a unique, friendly and focussed training style with the ability to recognise the skill levels of the students and to tailor the training to meet each student’s specific requirements. He has recently delivered training sessions in Dubai, Munich and Casablanca. A graduate of De Montfort University (B.Sc Mathematics), Andy also has MCAS (Microsoft Certified Application Specialist) and MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) accreditations.
Andy’s method of IT training has been described as “IT Coaching”, with the emphasis being placed on the student to perform all the tasks, under Andy’s careful guidance. This style of teaching is entirely appropriate to The IT Trainer and allows each of the courses to be entirely flexible, thus ensuring a maximum return on investment. His years of experience in IT also means he is ideally placed to work in a Project Management role for key clients.
Outside of his role with The IT Trainer, Andy is a qualified Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor and he also reached the top level as a football referee. He continues to be involved in football by continuing to referee at local level, assisting in the development of young referees and as an avid follower of Sheffield United.

The proposed changes to R&D tax credits!

Ian Cruickshank

In this seminar Ian will take you through the new proposed changes of R&D tax credits and the action that HMRC will be taking to counter fraud in the R&D sector.

Ian will also cover how Patent Box can benefit companies with patents and the potential benefits for those companies who are looking to patent the product.

Ian is a solution focused professional who always ensures that the clients expectations are delivered.
He specialises in Research & Development Tax Credits, Patent Box, and Embedded Capital Allowances Tax Relief.
Has over 35 years experience in helping clients in a multitude of industries from a one man band to multinational organisations. To date he has reclaimed over a quarter of a billion pounds in real cash for his clients.


Where should you concentrate your Digital Marketing budget & Why

Steve Harrison

In this session you explore the options that are open to your business to form the RIGHT digital marketing strategy for your business. From SEO, PPC & social media through to TV and TikTok we will explore the options, their costs and their returns.

Steve has worked in digital for the last 18 years, starting as an SEO exec and progressing his career both client and agency side, specialising in SEO before becoming Digital Marketing Manager for a leading national solicitor’s firm. Now in their 2nd year of trading Discovery Agency are going from strength to strength with a variety of local and global clients across lead generation, ecommerce and design & development.


The 7 proven ways to increase your Sales, Profit & Profile


Gary Outrageous

Are you fed up with struggling to close deals and when you do take a deep breathe because most of your profit has disappeared?

Do you find yourself getting frustrated at how many quotes just fall through the cracks and lead to no business or worse, ‘shop against me’ customers and clients?

If yes is your answer, this presentation by Gary Outrageous will open your eyes to proven ways to close more deals, make more money and have fun along the way!

In this seminar you’ll discover how to:

• Overcome any objection
• Present you and your business so you stand head and shoulders above your competitors and …
• Use what Gary calls ‘Sales Hypnosis’ to encourage more people to do business with you

So come along with an open and curious mind to find out how you and your business could use his hints and tips to sell more, make more and of course … have fun along the way!

Who is he?
He’s funny, he’s serious … he knows his stuff!
He’s a professional, hypnotic speaker who'll enthuse you and the rest of the audience about what really is possible. In fact, he is the UK’s leading Business Hypnotist.
He’s the best-selling author of “No More Excuses” and “Success … It’s An Inside Job!”
He’s a former double world record holder in judo.

He has personally worked with well over 27,000 people so far.
He’ll cajole you, tease you, entertain you, stretch you and finally…
Leave you with one, clear message:




Johnny Pawlik

Timing is everything. Without it, the only way to compete is by having pure talent or the biggest wallet.
Your competitors could take up to 25 years to adopt new strategies that work.
What if you were one step ahead? Follow the patterns, anticipate the trends and forecast.
In this quickfire session, you'll discover how to market your business effectively and see results sooner.

Forbes featured and globally recognised communications leader Johnny J Pawlik helps ethics first organisations, driven by purpose and positive impact to competently and effectively brand and market themselves. Oxford-educated with over 21 years of international experience in branding, marketing, and strategy, Johnny has consulted with the European Parliament, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, British Members of Parliament, Members of the United Nations, the NHS, the UKTI, and a plethora of others. He's been featured on Good Morning Britain, the BBC Political Debates, BBC Radio, Osaka Radio, the Asahi Shimbun, and many others.

Johnny is the Founder and CEO of the international branding and marketing firm, Mantra Media, and the Co-Founder of the Japanese luxury retail brand, Atelier Japan. He is a human rights and mental health advocate supporting many organisations, causes, and societies on various boards. He's an Ambassador for the (IIC) Investors in Community, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce, a Guest Chair for the Intelligence Forums, and a member of Deloitte's Climate Action Coalition.


Five Early Warning Signs of Mental Health problems in the Workplace

Mike Lawrence

Five early warning signs of mental health problems in the workplace and what action you should take to help

The Centre for Mental Health reported that 10 million Brits could need mental health support after the pandemic ends. A survey by The Royal College of Psychiatrists highlights that two-fifths of patients waiting for mental health treatment are forced to resort to emergency or crisis services.

In this seminar, you will learn the importance of spotting the early warning signs of mental health and what you must do to help.

Mike began his career in the leisure and hospitality sector, improving the wellbeing of thousands of Butlins’ holidaymakers through positive engagement, reassurance and mindfulness. He also treated hundreds more clients from the UK and abroad who suffered from a range of multi-skeletal conditions, including sciatica, tennis elbow and lower back pain.

Hand-picked as one of the top three clinics in Sheffield
More recently, he was chosen as a winner in the 2019 Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards hosted by GHP-News.

Mike’s passion is to help others become the best version of themselves on every level. The results his clients enjoy are consistently outstanding, and they also have a beneficial effect on an individual’s colleagues, their environment and family, and the community that surrounds them.

The Human Search Engine

David Johnson

Wouldn’t it be great if someone explained SEO in a way everyone could simply understand. In this session David will share in 40 minutes easy to follow hints and tips that you can use straight away to improve your SEO and he will show you -

How to start generating MORE LEADS for your business
How you can put simple measures in place to improve the number of enquiries your business receives and how you can reach out to more of your ideal customers
He will cover the importance of SEO and how you can lose customers if the performance of your website is not up to scratch.
Discover the power of Google my Business and why you MUST take advantage of it

Since 2011, David has built two businesses, spent time learning, watching the changes in the world, spent time in schools talking to children and kept to speed with changes in SEO and Google.

In 2016, he created Loud Crowd marketing agency, specialising in help companies and business owners capture the power of Google and utilise it to help them grow their organisations.

Based in Doncaster in South Yorkshire, married to Erika and enjoys cycling.