How To Get FREE Publicity in TV, Radio and The Press.

The value of FREE PR is immense… not only do you have the possibility to get exposed to a big audience, but people believe the media more than they believe traditional marketing campaigns.

Rachael Taplin is one of UK’s top experts on getting free PR: and in this session she will share with you some of her secrets.

In this seminar Rachael will share with you how she appeared on over 70 radio stations in one day and was featured in one of the UK’s largest daily newspapers from JUST ONE press release.

She will also cover everything you need to know on how to become a media expert and secure thousands of pounds worth of publicity for next to nothing.

1. How to become The Expert in your industry.
2. How you can get the media to come to you – EVERY TIME!
3. How you can find unique publicity angels that will help you secure media coverage RIGHT NOW!
4. Why the media want to connect with YOU and how they are interested in YOUR ongoing case studies and stories.
5. What makes a good story for the media and why they will choose

6. What NEVER to do when approaching the media!
7. Understanding media deadlines and how they react locally to national news topics where you can BE THE EXPERT!

And so much more.