How to Increase Your E-mail Marketing Engagement & Sales

As a small business, e-mail marketing is an essential piece of the marketing puzzle… but how do you keep your subscribers engaged, so that they’ll open more of your e-mails, click more of your links and buy more of your stuff?

When someone joins your list they’re your new best friend, but as every day ticks by… they get less and less responsive. By day #5 they’ve almost forgotten who you are.


In this seminar Rob is going to teach you a simple (automated) e-mail campaign that you can drop into your business to instantly keep your e-mail list engaged for longer… so that you can make more sales (or repeat sales) from every single subscriber or customer.

As a side-benefit… you’ll also be able to make sure that you’re always presenting the perfect offer, to the perfect customer at the perfect time. Bingo!