Marketing should make sense!

How many marketing emails do you get claiming –
“We’ll get you to page one of Google in one month”,
“Audit your website for guaranteed improved performance”,
“Grow your Facebook followers by 1000 this month”.
And it’s just £99. Are you tempted? Could it be that easy?

Building your brand is not achieved in a month, a huge increase in online performance in such a short space of time requires resource, effort and large amounts of money! Don’t be put off, there is so much you can do that will make a difference and it doesn’t need to be complicated and it doesn’t need to include every social media platform and every trending hashtag either.

If your marketing doesn’t make sense to you; do you think it will to your customers?
Marketing is communication between you and your customers, understanding how and where to do this isn’t down to an algorithm, it starts with your knowledge, your business and your marketplace. You can easily take control of your marketing and create a plan with confidence. Get the key do’s and don’ts with Valley Marketing in this seminar.