Abby Abrames

Marketing should make sense!

Abby started her career in press advertising in1998 for the Doncaster Star and won a number of awards with the Sheffield Newspapers Group. Moving into Account Management in 2003, Abby was lucky enough to develop and implement marketing campaigns for a number of impressive companies, including San Miguel, Johnson Matthey, Scotts and The W Abu Dhabi for the F1 launch.

Working on these projects in London, Europe and the Middle East provided Abby with the skills, experience and knowledge that she relies on today. Although Abby has worked on independent projects for the last decade, she launched full time with Valley Marketing in 2017. Valley Marketing is a collaborative set up, working with SME’s, helping them to understand marketing and how to stay in control.

Ensuring that their expectations are met with a real return on investment. As a self-confessed “Google Geek” she understands the importance of digital and the role it can play in the success of any business, but at the same time doesn’t unnecessarily complicate the strategy. Abby’s no-nonsense, jargon free approach means that marketing becomes clear and easy to understand.

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Marketing should make sense!

How many marketing emails do you get claiming – “We’ll get you to page one of Google in one month”, “Audit your website for guaranteed improved performance”, “Grow your Facebook followers by 1000 this month”. And it’s just £99. Are you tempted? Could it be that easy? Building your brand is not achieved in a […]