Andy Wood

Access to Funding

Andy Wood have spent over 25 years working within the funding market and seen many different changes, but the one constant is it’s never straightforward! Like any other service on the market, to be successful you must know your product. Funding is available to most businesses to help them with growth, they just don’t know how to get it. That’s where my team of researchers and I can help, we work with investment companies and funders to help our customers achieve their goals. Even government funding is available, which helps boost the economy. I see myself as a funding specialist, my role within T4C is to utilise the knowledge and expertise from our combined team to help businesses access the funds they are eligible for, it’s as simple as that!

My Sessions

Access to Funding

All businesses require funding at some point to grow. In this presentation Andy Wood adds real value to any ambitious growing business by highlighting funding options for you to achieve your potential. Such funding is not limited to sectors, so if you want to buy machinery, extend your premises, create jobs, design new products or […]