Becky Stevenson

Business Growth: – the top 3 things you NEED to be doing

Becky Stevenson has over 18 years’ experience from working at leading companies. During this time Becky learnt how to systemise, improve and implement processes to ensure that large scale and complex operations ran like clockwork. Now in her own business, it is her mission to help as many businesses as she can to become efficient, streamlined, productive, profitable and importantly, happy business owners.
Becky is different from a Business Coach, she is hands-on and doesn’t just give theories. Every business owner is unique, and the approach shouldn’t be the same, it’s adapted to suit the goals and aims of the business. The techniques that are used work well no matter what industry you are in and her clients have been from a wide range of sectors.
Becky’s approach is straight forward, no-nonsense, jargon-free, and looks at the foundations of a business to find the target problems and areas of improvement.

My Sessions

Business Growth: – the top 3 things you NEED to be doing

In this seminar, Becky will reveal the TOP 3 things you need to do in your business to make it run more efficiently. You will receive straight forward advice on what you need to implement, the pitfalls and how to protect your time and resources in the process of doing so. Ask yourself these three […]