Darren Parker

Six steps to a profitable business within 12 months

Darren is a highly experienced, MBA educated at Cranfield University, Business Growth Specialist, with over twenty years in senior management experience for a variety of corporate levelled companies and owner of his own retail business. Darren’s journey has seen many different twists and turns to arrive where he is today, including homelessness and a diagnosed PTSD sufferer, however, one thing motivates him more than anything else, is the desire to help others achieve within his local community.

Through business coaching, he wants to use his experiences and knowledge to re-energise the high streets of South Yorkshire.

My Sessions

Six steps to a profitable business within 12 months

In this seminar, Darren will explain how  businesses can see successful profit increases and sustainable growth across all areas of the business, by way of marginal improvements via test and measure. Darren’s clients are consistently reporting year on year growth, at an average of 31% across all business sectors.