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Failing to succeed: how psychological distance enables success

Performance psychologist, executive coach and facilitator Glenn specialises in helping others to understand the underpinning neuroscientific basis of emotions: why we have them, how to anticipate them and, more importantly, how to plan to manage them in oneself and others. With over 20 years of operational management experience gained in the British Army and then with management consultancies Ernst & Young and Accenture, Glenn is an experienced executive coach and facilitator. He has worked with a wide range of private, public and not-for-profit clients in coaching, training and selection and assessment roles since 2017

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Failing to succeed: how psychological distance enables success

We all make decisions all of the time: the majority of them are instantaneous, unconscious and based on our survival needs. We are quick at taking things at face value. These powerful first impressions can lead us to make decisions that are out-of-perspective and probably unhelpful – decisions about other people, the situations we find […]