Helen Williams

Personal Development is Business Development

Helen followed the usual route of going to College and University to then climb the corporate career ladder, even heading for London where there was the promise of the streets being paved with gold.
Fast forward 4 years and Helen now runs 2 successful businesses.

Entering the entrepreneurial world within the property industry was quite some plunge, throwing up many steep learning’s along the way.
It became clear that all through her career and now as her own boss, all the emphasis is on business and business strategy and very little, if any at all, around you as the individual. The very individual who is the one responsible for the results.

Based around her own experience, knowledge, mistakes and challenges she formed HEW, a personal development and coaching brand designed to Help Entrepreneurs Win. Working from the foundations up to create successful and sustainable businesses. A proven process working with 3 main pillars of the brand; Health, Excellence and Wealth, entrepreneurs and business owners throughout the UK are learning how impactful they themselves are to their overall success.

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Personal Development is Business Development

The most important variable of your business is you, the business owner; the driver of your venture and vision. Nine out of Ten business owners prioritise themselves last and do not consider the impact this has on not only them personally but how this then impacts the overall growth and sustainability of their business. In […]