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Discover how to generate 20x your traffic by using Google.

David Johnson

Wouldn’t it be great if someone explained SEO in a way everyone could simply understand. In this session David will share in 40 minutes easy to follow hints and tips that you can use straight away to improve your SEO and he will show you -

How to start generating MORE LEADS for your business
How you can put simple measures in place to improve the number of enquiries your business receives and how you can reach out to more of your ideal customers
He will cover the importance of SEO and how you can lose customers if the performance of your website is not up to scratch.
Discover the power of Google my Business and why you MUST take advantage of it


Tax, Care and Toyboys

Haworth Ward-Drummond

There's not much point in having a will! Unfortunately, for some people this can be all too true.... as estates can easily be lost to unforeseen threats.

This presentation is a thought-provoking and humorous talk that looks at some of those threats. Threats that exist during our lifetime that could mean the important things we want to pass on to our loved ones when we die... simply... don't... happen.

This engaging insight is suitable for anyone who wishes to protect what they or their parents have worked so hard for all their lives.

After a varied business and commercial career and more recently several years with Coop Legal Services, Haworth started his own legal services practice “Egg and Nest” in 2018 to help people from all walks of life protect their home and savings, plan for incapacity and gain peace of mind through effective estate planning and related services.



Building your business by Blogging - 10 Powerful Tips

Barry Dunstall

What to say and how to say it: corporate blogging is one of the most powerful – and yet often misunderstood tools in the marketing armoury of any business.

In this session packed with practical tips and advice, you’ll learn how to drive more traffic to your website, building your business and your reputation through corporate blogging.

Barry will share expert insights from his years of experience as a professional writer, journalist, editor, publisher and corporate blogger.

Whether you already blog regularly or don’t even blog at all yet, you’ll go away inspired by this unique session. The opportunities are out there; learn how to make the most of them.

Barry is a professional business writer, with extensive experience writing about many subjects – from architecture to aviation, from health to housing, from accountancy to law, and from travel to technology and beyond.

In a career lasting over 20 years, Barry’s CV includes publishing and editing magazines as a journalist in the UK and US as well as wide-ranging, senior-level public relations work.

Barry now delivers written content, and particularly regular content such as corporate blog posts and newsletter articles, to clients across the UK and internationally. From global household names to small local enterprises, Barry helps a diverse range of companies who believe in the importance of quality in everything they do but simply don’t have the time or the skills for their business writing commitments.


Not Recognising Poor Mental Health At Work - What's The Worst That Can Happen?

Steve Phillip

Steve Phillip - The Jordan Legacy CIC
For almost 30 years, Steve Phillip was a successful former consultant, trainer and keynote speaker when he received a call on December 4th 2019 that changed his world forever – his son Jordan had taken his own life.
With a LinkedIn following of more than 35,000 people, Steve’ articles and posts have engaged a global audience of millions and early in 2020, he established The Jordan Legacy CIC, to provide support to those struggling to cope with life or considering suicide.
Steve has delivered talks on the topic of suicide prevention to corporate organisations and communities throughout the UK and Europe. He has also been invited to speak to leaders, employees and policy makers within the following Government departments: Cabinet Office, Department for Health & Social Care, Crown Commercial Service, Home Office, as well as the Ministry of Defence, the RAF and North Yorkshire Police.
Steve’s lived experience of suicide, combined with his reputation as a highly engaging speaker, will help you understand how to better look after your own mental health and how you can support others.

Steve be can be contacted:


The 5 Fundamental Must Do’s of Social Media

Rik Courtney

In this workshop Rik will show you some of the tips and tricks of the trade and help you to understand the "art", "science" and "psychology" behind creating the perfect posting strategy.

You'll learn how to make your life easier by planning and scheduling content, he will teach you why and how the individual social media platforms deliver the content in the way that they do and most importantly how you can use that knowledge to make sure that you are successful too.


Rik Courtney
Rik Courtney is a social media entrepreneur and influencer. He is recognised for his public speaking and being the CEO of the Be More Group as well as establishing Be More Social as one of the first social media marketing companies.

He has successfully helped companies go from zero online presence to being top of the game in their industry using the right social media strategy! Rik’s aim is to educate, entertain and inspire people by using the 5 fundamental basics of social media for lead generation and establishment.

Through his 22 years of marketing experience he speaks about the concepts of art, science and psychology for content curation through his filling masterclasses.

Prevention is better than the cure

Nathan Sanders

In this presentation, Nathan will give an overview on all things IT Security to give business owners and managers

An Overview of threats – The art of Ransomware
Threat protection & attack response – Useful tools and technologies
Being proactive with your IT security, because the threats are real and are as equally proactive

Elevator Pitch to Passion Pitch. How to create a networking pitch that is engaging and gets results.

Elaine Mitchell

An elevator pitch can fill a networker with dread. Will it get the message across? Will it have too much information? Too little information? Will you run out of time? Does anyone really care what you have to say?

This informative and interactive session with Elaine will help to create an informative and useful pitch. Be it for 60 seconds or a 20 minute profile.

Getting the best from networking, how to communicate effectively and speak about your business with the passion it and you deserve.

In the presentation Elaine will offer tips and tools to making the right impression and getting the best from any networking situation formal or informal.

Elaine Mitchell is an author, speaker, coach and communication expert who loves to help others find their true voice and communicate effectively, jargon free and not forced pitches.

Elaine Mitchell is an engaging, energetic speaker, life coach and author.
She has been described as having a fusion of Yorkshire Common Sense and ethereal spirituality. Combining her unique take on life she equips people with the ability to change their focus by considering the unconsidered, changing thought patterns from negative to positive and seeing everyday things with a new perspective.

Having cut her business teeth in the world of Direct Sales and built up a successful business, helping over 300 women become empowered entrepreneurs she then went on to develop her coaching and mentoring skills by training as a personal life coach and launching her own business. With a focus on personal empowerment confidence and effective communication.

She entertains with thought provoking metaphors. Bringing to light the hidden suffering, limiting beliefs and reservations that many relate to and try to hide.
Elaine is passionate about helping others live their life "on path" living their purpose and a life of ease. The stresses and strains can be eliminated and Elaine helps people to work on their own story and how they see their world. This has a huge impact both in the workplace and in the home. Relations are enhanced. Production and communication increases with a new knowledge of how to express oneself effectively.

Audiences are inspired to think that little bit differently and invited to change their thoughts. The audience leave one of Elaine’s presentations with food for thought, takeaway tools and techniques to implement every day or for when “life” happens.





Finding Your Voice and Being YOU

Susan Gardner

For many people, being able to communicate effectively at a personal level, can make the difference of whether you feel heard and respected in your relationships, not to mention the need to show more authenticity.

Whether you have struggled with, or simply looking to fine-tune your communication skills, this workshop is going to change your life in some way or other; providing you with new ideas and tips to help you establish a strong focus and certainty in YOU! Make NO mistake, there WILL be "a-ha" moments and "breakthroughs" that happen throughout the course of the day. ALL we ask you to do, is come with an open heart and MIND.

You can guarantee you'll have a fun and unique experience in this powerful workshop presented by Wellbeing Specialist, Susan Gardner.

Susan virtually ‘lost her voice’ at a critical time of her life and determinedly found practical ways to help herself understand ‘what and why’ this had happened and ‘how’ she was able to turn things around. Now part of the Wellbeing at WiRE Derby team presenting monthly meetings alongside her co-hosts and leading other regular community initiatives, Susan weaves her extensive knowledge of META-health into the workshop for a complete, holistic approach.


Making an impact with a small marketing budge

Abby Abrames

How many marketing emails do you get stating;
“We’ll get you to page one of Google in one month”,
“Audit your website for guaranteed improved performance”,
“Grow your Facebook followers by 1000 this month”.
And it’s just £99. Are you tempted? Could it be that easy?

Building your brand is not achieved in a month, a huge increase in online performance in such a short space of time requires resource, effort and large amounts of money! Don’t be put off, there is so much you can do that will make a difference and it doesn’t need to be complicated and it doesn’t need to include every social media platform and every trending hashtag either. If your marketing doesn't make sense to you; do you think it will to your customers?
Marketing is communication between you and your customers, understanding how and where to do this isn’t down to an algorithm, it starts with your knowledge, your business and your marketplace. You can easily take control of your marketing and create a plan with confidence. Get the key do’s and don’ts with Valley Marketing in this seminar.


Abby started her career in press advertising in1998 for the Doncaster Star and won a number of awards with the Sheffield Newspapers Group. Moving into Account Management in 2003, Abby was lucky enough to develop and implement marketing campaigns for a number of impressive companies, including San Miguel, Johnson Matthey, Scotts and The W Abu Dhabi for the F1 launch. Working on these projects in London, Europe and the Middle East provided Abby with the skills, experience and knowledge that she relies on today. Although Abby has worked on independent projects for the last decade, she launched full time with Valley Marketing in 2017. Valley Marketing is a collaborative set up, working with SME’s, helping them to understand marketing and how to stay in control. Ensuring that their expectations are met with a real return on investment. As a self-confessed “Google Geek” she understands the importance of digital and the role it can play in the success of any business, but at the same time doesn’t unnecessarily complicate the strategy. Abby’s no-nonsense, jargon free approach means that marketing becomes clear and easy to understand.




Stress Management & Burnout in Employees


Nadine McCabe

Nadine McCabe is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Practitioner who has made it her company's mission to enhance and change as many people's lives as possible. By bringing Rapid Transformational Therapy to organisations, EmpowerPlan Ltd are able to provide wellbeing support and life enhancing tools and resources to make lasting and effective changes to mental and physical health and also personal performance.


Why you must have a mental health first aid trained employees to comply with health and safety regulations

Mike Lawrence

3 essential steps to take when considering a workplace health & wellbeing programme

In this session Mike will share with you steps that will help you and your employees live a better life

Delivering much more than your typical wellbeing practitioner, Mike Lawrence’s knowledge, experience and achievements have not only brought him national and international acclaim, but a constant stream of private and corporate clients.

Mike began his career in the leisure and hospitality sector, improving the wellbeing of thousands of Butlins’ holidaymakers through positive engagement, reassurance and mindfulness. He also treated hundreds more clients from the UK and abroad who suffered from a range of multi-skeletal conditions, including sciatica, tennis elbow and lower back pain.

Hand-picked as one of the top three clinics in Sheffield
More recently, he was chosen as a winner in the 2019 Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards hosted by GHP-News.

Mike’s passion is to help others become the best version of themselves on every level. The results his clients enjoy are consistently outstanding, and they also have a beneficial effect on an individual’s colleagues, their environment and family, and the community that surrounds them.

The Freedom Workshop - Creating a valuable company that can thrive without you.

Tristan Firth

Everyone has their own reasons for starting and running a business, but for most people there are three motivating factors high on the list:
• The freedom to do things your way,
• To work with who you want, when you want, and
• Financial freedom

All too often though, the reality is different. The business is stressful to run, difficult to grow and all too dependent upon you as the owner. And, as a consequence of that, it’s not worth what it could be.
In this short talk, Tristan will outline why it pays to focus on creating a business that can thrive independently of its owner.
You will learn how to recognise when you are in “The Owner’s Trap”, how to escape it and why freedom comes with having a valuable, sellable business.
And, when you leave, you will know the eight key factors that drive your company’s value and what you need to consider to gain freedom over your time and money so you can get back to the reasons you started your business in the first place.Tristan is a highly qualified executive, a coach and a consultant specialising in creating value for business owners and their clients.
For more than 20 years, Tristan has been developing value propositions and increasing the value of businesses; identifying new markets and winning business worth in the order of £175million for new ventures and established organisations.
He has worked for a wide variety of organisations from start-ups to FTSE 250 companies and across a range of sectors including property, health, construction and business intelligence. Throughout his career he has taken a considered, pragmatic approach to satisfying customer needs and building valuable businesses. His ability to view problems from both the owner’s and customers’ perspectives and use of simple but highly effective tools has won him a reputation for delivering successful solutions and outstanding results.
In 2018, Tristan founded Rivelin Consulting, partly in response to a strong desire to help SME’s thrive, and partly in the knowledge that in many businesses, small changes can vastly improve their appeal and significantly enhance the value of the organisation.
Tristan is a Certified Value Builder.